High Availability – uninterrupted access to your services

Operate on a grand scale without any limits
As a professional, you cannot allow the IT infrastructure of your business to be overloaded, the waiting time for the server’s response to be long, the applications not to ensure business continuity, and consequently – the business to generate financial losses. Choose security. Choose High Availability. We specialize in HA solutions for the smooth operation of Linux systems.

High Availability – what is it?

High-availability environments are a reliable solution for heavy workloads and high traffic that your system needs to handle without any downtime. The priority in implementing high-availability mechanisms is to ensure scalability and flexibility of the system, so that it automatically adjusts to the situation. When a fault occurs in one section, another element of the system will maintain continuity and balance the traffic. For this purpose, we build high-availability clusters.

High availability – for who?

High Availability ensures constant operation of the company’s critical system components, which guarantee access to the service being provided. High-availability clusters are used by, e.g.: e-banking, e-commerce, health and safety systems, administration systems, emergency hotlines, global industrial, transport and business enterprises, and streaming companies.

High availability in practice

We will build High Availability clusters for you at a guaranteed SLA level of 99.99%. This means that the acceptable interruptions in service provision, application operation, or the waiting time for a system response will not exceed 1 minute per day. This is less than an hour of downtime per year. Are you satisfied with an SLA of 90%? We can create such an infrastructure also.

HA solutions plan for you

We know that failures cannot be fully eliminated, but with tailored High Availability solutions you can quickly detect them and react instantly. We will analyse your expectations in terms of the system, choose the optimal solution, provide hardware and software, and take care of the implementation and possible management.

High-availability environments with Black Rack – your benefits

  • Guarantee of reliability under heavy workload.
  • Guarantee of no downtime.
  • 24/7 access to the server.
  • Guarantee of on-line content availability under any circumstances.
  • Possibility of creating scalable environments for complex projects.
  • Support in planning and implementing solutions for strategic projects.
  • Possibility of implementing High Availability environments with 90%-99.99% SLA.