Private cloud – take your business to the next level

A private cloud gives you an efficient and scaled IT environment tailored to your requirements. Exclusive, on your own servers, optimised for the specifics of your business. If you are looking for a modern environment for your IT infrastructure, you have just found the best solution.

Private vs. public cloud

Private cloud – independence for the selected ones

Thanks to private cloud services, we offer you full independence and an environment with dedicated virtualisation equipment, servers, software, licenses located in one place (at the company or a dedicated data centre). The data stay at your place. A private cloud gives you total process control, privacy and more efficient use of company-specific resources. A solution dedicated especially to large enterprises and institutions from the sectors with increased legal requirements for data security.

Public cloud – shared access to resources

In a public cloud, you use most of the functionalities available in a private cloud, but the infrastructure is owned and managed by its operator. The advantage of the solution is the enormous computational resources of the system, which guarantees high scaling speed, supports smooth operation of the company when the workload increases, and relieves the your company’s IT department from managing the cloud infrastructure. This solution is often chosen by small companies or as a temporary work environment with some part of data for large organisations.

Your own Black Rack Cloud

Private CLOUD solutions running on private machines, are simply in a class of their own. Build with us a private cloud for special tasks, with high availability and tailored parameters. Present your requirements, choose a private cloud service model. Black Rack will provide ready-made tools.

Learn the advantages of a private cloud:

Resources are created in a secured environment according to your preferences.

You manage the cloud’s virtual server, you control the computing power and memory.

Cost reduction
With private cloud services, you optimise your own resources and reduce the costs of IT processes.

You and your customers have full access to data at all times, without downtime.

You can adjust the amount of computing power/number of servers to your current needs at any time.

Our private cloud operates in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Act.