Proxmox VE with subscription service

We offer unique open-source software for virtualisation of the IT environment, focused on maximum efficiency and ease of use. With Proxmox VE, the system is always ready for extreme situations, and you have full control over your physical resources and virtual machines. Explore the Proxmox solutions and take advantage of the Black Rack subscription.

Proxmox VE – system advantages and your benefits

Open source
Proxmox VE was built on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The source code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 (GNU AGPL, v3). This means you can review your code at any time and even add your changes to the project.

Manage server virtualisation through one panel
The system enables the use of two virtualisation technologies, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and LXC containers. Thanks to this, it perfectly adapts to the most unusual needs of users.

Management by WEB-GUI
The transparent WEB-GUI Proxmox VE, accessible through a browser, allows for easy management of virtual machines, regardless of whether they are LXC containers or KVM machines. The HTML5-based console means you do not have to worry about additional plugins in order to access your virtual machines.

Unique Proxmox VE cluster
Connect all servers from Proxmox VE into a cluster managed from a single WEB-GUI. Thanks to the use of the Proxmox Cluster File System (PMXCFS), the configuration of virtual machines is automatically replicated on all physical servers connected in a cluster. You do not need to log in to each server to change the configuration or run another virtual machine anymore.

Live migration of virtual machines
Proxmox VE allows for migrating virtual machines to another physical machine in LIVE mode. This way you will move the virtual machine from one physical server to another without stopping. Zero downtime – for maximum flexibility in process management.

Built-in backup system
Few virtualisation environments can boast a built-in virtual machine backup system. Proxmox VE is equipped with such a solution. You can freely make a backup copy of the entire machine along with its configuration, regardless of the space where the virtual disk is located, or the virtualisation technology used (KVM or LXC).

Proxmox VE HA (high availability) cluster
Running a cluster in HA mode allows you to define the virtual machines that are to run in this mode. In the event of failure of one of the physical machines, Proxmox VE will automatically run the LXC or KVM containers, defined as HA machines, on the other one.

Virtual networks
Proxmox VE uses VLAN and network bridges to create virtual networks. In addition, you can easily define the bonding/aggregation interfaces using the Proxmox tool. Thanks to these solutions, you will build complex and functional virtual networks.

SDS (software-defined storage) is a distributed file system resistant to failure of any host. With the SDS system together with Proxmox VE you can run a hyperconverged cluster.

Own authorisation
Proxmox VE supports several authorisation sources such as Microsoft AD, LDAP, Linux PAM or a system’s built-in authentication server. An additional option is to run a two-step authorisation thanks to Yubikey.

Over 50 ready-made templates
Thanks to Proxmox VE virtualisation, you have access to ready-made virtual machine templates that you can download and run as LXC containers. Machines are already pre-installed and pre-configured.

Proxmox VE – subscription
We are the official subscription distributor in Poland. As a result, you will receive optimal technical support for the system.
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