Linux server administration

Remote and comprehensive server administration with a transparent service price list is a guaranteed safe haven for your services. You eliminate the risk of failure, you provide the company with continuous uninterrupted development without downtime. At Black Rack, our speciality is Linux server administration. We are always available to respond to any anomalies. Check out what we can offer you.

Security and backups

Servers are the most important element of your IT infrastructure. We protect them against data loss and external attacks. We accurately diagnose problems, fix errors, and create data backups. We provide your company with operational stability.

Performance optimisation and workload monitoring

Do you want to extend your offer, introduce a new product or service? Development of a company means more data, and greater interest in a product translates into increased network traffic. Server administration will ensure that your resources are sufficient, and the server, either dedicated or virtual, responds quickly and has adequate bandwidth.

Ongoing management and development of environments

Administration consists of a large number of daily operations. In order for your servers to run smoothly, we perform reviews, analyses, updates and configurations of individual infrastructure elements. Thanks to this, we can offer the most effective options for further system development.

Constant monitoring and quick reaction

Our monitoring, thanks to which we detect irregularities before they become a problem, ensures full protection of your IT infrastructure. We provide 24/7 Linux server administration for individual units, as well as for whole server systems, in accordance with the service price list.

Outsourcing and consulting

An extensive IT infrastructure requires constant and efficient supervision. Only this way will it be scalable and will your costs correspond to the actual needs. Server administration with Black Rack provides you with constant access to expert support of external Linux specialists.

Client satisfaction

Support availability


Process automation


Server administration with Black Rack in practice means:

  • Updating system packages.
  • Configuring the local firewall.
  • Updating and configuring additional applications installed on the server, included in the official patch repositories.
  • Limiting access to the server in accordance with the security policy and Client requirements.
  • Monitoring the server by periodically checking the availability of the service for a given port and the use of server resources.
  • Collecting historical data on key elements of the system in the form of charts and analysing them.
  • Analysing the server and system components workload, and suggesting appropriate behaviour and changes.
  • Maintaining up-to-date system documentation.
  • Tuning the operating system.
  • Backing up files and databases.
  • Supervising the up-to-dateness of backups (without test recovery, unless otherwise agreed upon).
  • Restoring data from backups, and in the case of restoring database fragments, making them available for self-restoration by the Client.
  • Providing technical support by e-mail and phone.
  • Reacting to the detected problems and notifications in accordance with the level of support purchased.
  • Reacting to excessive use of server resources – protecting the server against overload.
  • Automatic monitoring of changes on the server which affect its security.
  • Providing ongoing administration related to setting up accounts and servers.
  • Installing additional simple services on the server (provided it is a routine operation, more advanced services require the purchase of an additional installation service),
  • Supervising the database software, in particular the activities aimed at increasing efficiency, carrying out database consistency checks, monitoring the database workload.
  • Reviewing and analysing system logs.
  • Supervising the connection and other limits in the system so that the system works in a stable manner.
  • Proposing system development, resource allocation, expansion and changes.
  • Supervising the optimal use of resources.
  • Restarting systems periodically.
  • Updating the configuration of encrypted connections in accordance with the currently applicable good practices.
  • Installing and updating SSL certificates for sites and services on the server.
  • Configuring accounts, vhosts, etc. and assigning permissions in accordance with the Client’s needs.
  • Configuring domains at external suppliers if the Client provides passwords to the panel.

Server administration – price list

Your comfort is our priority, which is why we provide a simple price list for services and transparent support rules for each server. Do you need 24/7 administration with no downtime? Or maybe you are looking for assistance during office hours? Choose your package and price list.

24/7/365 package

24/7 support
day and night, all year round

PLN 1250

8/5 package

support from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
working days

PLN 500