DevOps services – task automation for Linux systems

DevOps services will allow you to manage IT processes even more efficiently, implement projects more effectively, with less involvement and more transparency. And in the event of an emergency, you also have the guarantee of an immediate reaction. Check out which solutions in the field of automation of tasks and processes we can implement at your company.

DevOps team culture – what do you gain?

DevOps is a methodology that emphasises the cooperation of administrators and programmers over the development and maintenance of the product, thanks to which the efficiency of work in IT is at the highest level. With DevOps services you can count on:

  • Shortening the time needed to work on IT solutions.
  • Implementations without limiting the availability of your products and services.
  • Better communication between teams, combining different ways of working.
  • Possibility of collaboration between various applications and tools used by project teams.
  • Easy testing, development and implementation of new solutions.
  • Observing the project development in real time.

DevOps services – our main technologies and tools

Puppet platform – full control over implementations
Ensure efficient and quick software and application updates with minimal involvement of resources. You can do it with the Puppet platform – popular software that facilitates server management and automates their configuration. Check out what benefits it offers.

  • You can easily test, develop and implement new solutions.
  • You observe the project development in real time.
  • You implement new solutions without limiting the availability of your infrastructure necessary for everyday operations.

Ansible platform – process automation
The implementation of IT processes and new solutions requires close cooperation and very good communication from the team. The DevOps service that unleashes the capacity of teams is the Ansible platform.

Ansible provides:

  • Acceleration of the IT project implementation process.
  • More time for the key elements of a task.
  • Processes delegation – no more repeating the same tasks over and over again.
  • Automation – tasks performed without the need for your intervention.
  • Communication at a high level.
  • Free flow of knowledge, experiences and ideas between teams.

Docker and Kubernetes (K8s) – pack and organise

We use these DevOps services in order to provide your team with an independent virtual environment for designing, testing, implementing, and managing your applications together with their components, which will be ready to run on any device or in a cloud. Docker allows developers to pack applications into containers, and K8s helps to manage their implementations. Thanks to this:

  • You control the entire life process of the application and focus on designing solutions.
  • You flexibly move and implement complex systems in various environments without modifying them.
  • You use open-source containerisation platforms.
  • You use less burdensome tools than virtualisation.
  • With containers, you activate an additional, isolated operating system with a ready-to-run application or isolate applications in shared systems.