SysOps – Your team of Linux administrators

Reliability and stable work on a daily basis – this is what you definitely expect from an IT infrastructure. SysOps will make the IT environment, which is the foundation of your business, secure, durable and ready for constant development. Choose outsourcing SysOps services with Black Rack.

Stability above all

Thanks to SysOps, we are closer to the system, which pays off both in a crisis situation and during everyday work. In the event of an incident, it is easier to take manual control over it. On the other hand, the current activities are more predictable and implementations are more stable.

SysOps and DevOps

Black Rack is an IT team at your disposal. If you are thinking about expanding your IT management automation capabilities, take advantage of our DevOps service package also. Combine the effective infrastructure administration and the cooperation with developers creating new tools for your business.

Black Rack SysOps services – what do you gain?

  • Maintaining the continuity of the proper operation of the systems.
  • Ongoing administration of hardware, software and servers.
  • Constant manual supervision of the IT infrastructure by SysOps engineers.
  • Monitoring of the network and correcting irregularities in its functioning.
  • Immediate and decisive reaction to failures.
  • Quick contact with administrators.
  • Preparation of the system for new implementations.
  • Support for older systems and applications.
  • Professional maintenance of environments in smaller projects.
  • The optimal solution for businesses that are not subject to rapid changes.

Talk to our expert and adjust the SysOps and DevOps service to the profile of your product and its development.