Operating system virtualisation

System virtualisation – what is it?

Virtualisation creates a simulated computer environment which allows for building many virtual resources using a single physical hardware resource. As a result, you have almost unlimited room for action. We can generate virtual versions of hardware, networks, servers, applications or operating systems for you. Virtualisation is a way to ensure IT independence of your company. What do you gain?

Obsolete tools support

We deal with the migration of obsolete environments in order to ensure your company’s smooth operation in every field. If your systems, previously operating efficiently on dedicated tools, are no longer supported by applications or operating systems, virtualisation will solve the problem. Check out what virtual environment we can create for your hardware resource.

Cost reduction and higher efficiency

You will use your IT infrastructure more effectively – you will work on many resources on the basis of a single computer or server. Your network will work better, have better scalability and flexibility. You will save money because the infrastructure costs will decrease. A lower number of required servers means less maintenance and energy consumption.

Operating system virtualisation

We run new and already working independent virtual operating systems that support many virtual machines simultaneously within a single physical hardware resource. Virtualisation of operating systems eliminates the problem of incompatibility of software versions with systems, enables isolated testing and adaptation of applications – safe for the entire infrastructure.

Linux systems virtualisation – our tools

Proxmox VE – a complete platform for managing virtualisation even with very demanding workloads. It allows for managing virtual machines, containers, mass storage resources, network configuration, and high availability of clusters.

KVM, XEN – hypervisors for activating the virtualisation process that allow the host machine to run multiple isolated virtual machines.

Libvirt package – hypervisor-independent API for managing virtualisation technologies.

Systems virtualisation – Your benefits

  • Flexibility – multiple hardware resources based on a single one.
  • Security – option of making a quick backup of the virtual environment.
  • Dynamics – ability to freely transfer environments between servers without generating workloads.
  • Convenience – increasing the office and warehouse space.
  • Lowering costs – less equipment, less energy consumption.