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Welcome to Black Rack It is here that you will find everything to create an optimal and secure IT infrastructure. Regardless of whether you are running a small company or an international corporation, you know that its development is your biggest challenge. It is the discipline of developing, verifying and implementing the desired solutions that matters here. It is important to complete this process as soon as possible. This is what we can help you with. Choose Black Rack IT services for companies and fully achieve your business goals.

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Following a recommendation, we established a cooperation with a company that we had not heard about and which we did not know. Within two weeks, Black Rack brought us out of the crisis and, to our surprise, the website was able to deal with another cyber attacks. We decided that we are in good hands and we have established a permanent cooperation. This company still manages our servers today. They support us in development activities and surprise us with good ideas. They are effective and their work continues to improve the efficiency of our systems. Black Rack consists of people who focus on supporting the business, and upon seeing our next challenges, take responsibility for them. They focus much more on being effective here and now than on contracts and offers.

Already at the stage of selecting the equipment in DC, the Black Rack company showed a business approach to the matter. They proposed a hybrid solution, a private cloud with connection to a public cloud. Thanks to this, we are able to generate significant savings during the year when the systems do not need full performance, and at the time of a campaign we can additionally scale our application in the public cloud. The preparation of the environments went very well, the trouble-free traffic handling during the campaign’s peak only confirmed that we are well looked-after. The very good contact shows that they approach the matter seriously, which is crucial for the success of the entire undertaking in the case of TV campaigns.

Black Rack managed to smoothly take over the service, despite the lack of detailed system documentation and the use of less popular solutions by the previous server manager. If we were to mention a few things for which we value the cooperation with Black Rack, they would be: expert knowledge in the field of AWS, Linux systems, 24/7 support, and great contact with various channels, including Slack. Regular status meetings twice a month to discuss ongoing activities are very valuable to us. Thanks to this, we know what is happening on our servers and we can discuss the best administrative solutions for our infrastructure.

After our administrator quit, we started looking for an external one for our server. The Black Rack company has been recommended to us. After a single conversation regarding the scope of activities, we started to work together. Initially, we had concerns about the process of online store migration to a new server. Fortunately, they were unfounded, because the entire migration went very well. The website was not available for a very short time and all the work was carried out in the evening hours and was successfully completed. What is more, BlackRack suggested a few improvements that solved the problem with slow page loading!